move your body

Fitness keeps us moving and healthy. Whether you enjoy a gentle stroll or a heart raising Hiit session, yoga or lifting weights we’ve got it covered.

We also promote and educate how and why keeping fit and mobile supports our general wellbeing.

You can take part on the day, watch some demonstrations and meet some cool guest speakers!

TV personality, Nell McAndrew is passionate about health, fitness & running having recently featured on the cover of Women’s Running Magazine.

Nell has completed the Great North Run 6 times and the London Marathon 7 times. Her greatest running achievement is her personal best time of 2.54.39 at the London Marathon in 2012. She has currently completed her 105 park runs and has been a volunteer many times. Always wanting to give back and make a difference, over the years Nell has supported a large range of charities including Breast Cancer Awareness, Help The Aged, the British Heart Foundation, DebRA, Cancer Research UK, the Lymphoma Association, SSAFA and the Alzheimer’s Association, as well as many more.

Damian is a specialist instructor in Yoga, AcroYoga, Rock Climbing, Slacklining, Calisthenics & Circus Skills. Obsessed with the physical aspect of movement Damian is passionate about sharing his skills with children and adults alike. With a direct experience of these disciplines laying the most complete and interesting path for both mental and physical aspects of maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle Damian has also turned himself to techniques of natural healing and educated himself in diet and nutrition through the NLP Centre of Excellence.

My name is Katie Griffiths and I have been working within the health and fitness industry for nearly 14 years. Throughout that time I fell in love with helping real women from all different walks of life, realise their true potential through fitness and nutrition. I help women just like you to create positive, impactful and life changing transformation by finding balance, strength and confidence within, so that you can shine as brightly as possible and live life to the fullest ✨⁣⁣

I love helping women:

  • Create a healthy and balanced relationship and lifestyle when it comes to your training and your nutrition
  • Build helpful habits that can last a lifetime
  • Train and enjoy moving your body because you are serving it and not punishing it
  • Build a body that makes you feel confident
  • Eat foods you love and still make progress towards your goals
  • Drop body fat in a healthy, sustainable way
  • Become stronger, healthier and more confident in your own skin
  • Dig a little deeper to work internally rather than just externally
  • Believe in yourself
  • Live longer and happier

If you would like to chat about how I can help you the send me an email:

Or message me via Instagram @kgfitnesscoaching or Facebook: KG Fitness

Ben Turner is a qualified evidence based nutritionist, personal trainer and mountain guide who is dedicated to demystifying your nutrition, helping you start your fitness journey, and push you to do things you never thought possible. Getting a handle of your nutrition can seem like wandering around in the fog, with methods and hacks, fads and gimmicks, all over the internet, Ben will help you see and understand the underlying principles and basics of nutrition, so that you can find what best works for YOU.

Ben runs INDE-Fit Nutrition and adventure consultancy and INDE-Fit Outdoor Fitness across Shropshire and has recently launched a full online coaching academy to being out the healthiest, strongest, and most resilient version of you.

Lyfe Linez sports nutrition is born from a desire to bring the best quality supplements to an audience close to our hearts. Lyfe linez is the brainchild of Dave Hamlet and was inspired by being in and around all of the sports, hobbies, and activities he loves.

The Lyfe linez portfolio has been meticulously put together by one of the best formulators in the business, Marc Robinson and based on medically backed research and dosed accordingly. We have worked tirelessly in the lab and with our ambassadors out in the field to develop something truly special.

The Lyfe Linez brand holds its fans health at its core. We encourage everyone to follow their passions in life and in sport. Exercise is essential to our mental health and pivotal in living a healthy life so grab a lyfe line and let us get the most out of you!

Lyfe Linez will have their Hydration Station set up in the fitness zone.

Shropshire’s most unique Party Specialist…

Synthetics- The Ultimate 80’s Workout Experience.

We are Synthetics will be holding x2 mass participation retro 80’s fitness classes on the fitness stage at the Wellbeing Festival!

Men Walking and Talking is a non judgmental safe space for men to get together and end the stigma around men’s mental health, by supporting each other.

Dan will be part of a panel talk on Saturday and will also be offering some short walk and talks around the festival site.

Exercise shouldn’t be a punishment. It’s an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can make. I believe in finding the fun side of fitness; and while there may be a bit of sweat along the way, the benefits of fitness are endless. I have developed my online classes to make fitness fun and accessible to all abilities. 

Shrewsbury’s only 24 hour fitness and wellness centre aimed at getting you to a healthier place. Benefiting from state of the art equipment, free parking, outdoor rooftop training area and live & virtual classes.

Anytime Fitness will be running classes all weekend in the Fitness Zone!

Health and fitness has been in my life for over 20 years as I trained from a young age with The Royal Ballet and then studied/ performed as a professional dancer.

Since leaving the industry, I have been highly invested in my own health and fitness journey before deciding to dedicate my time to others.

I have a huge passion for nutrition and work closely with women to cultivate strong minds and bodies whilst creating peace with them too.

As a coach I guide my clients to live their healthiest, non restrictive lives, where mindset, nutrition and fitness become a lifestyle discipline of self love rather than a chore.

Available for 1:1 and online coaching.

SeanyFit will be

Cat Merrick runs Breathe Dance & Yoga which she founded in 2016 and is dedicated to guiding women to return to a vibrant, joyful life by tackling negative thought patterns through practices that develop self awareness & healing.

After a decade of teaching dance in education, Cat now focuses on teaching women how to reduce stress and create energy and vibrancy through yoga, breathwork, meditation, dance and her signature class ‘Dance Vibe Flow’.

This class is a fusion of yoga asana and dance which focuses on embodiment, acceptance and connection, finding freedom of the mind and is set to uplifting house music.

Cat holds a BA Hons Dance Degree, 200hr Yoga Diploma from BWY and is currently training to be a Buteyko breathing instructor.

At True Athletic, we believe that true fitness is about more than looking good or performing well; it’s about self-optimizing all aspects of your physical, nutritional, environmental, and spiritual health.

Through our extensive research, rigorous product testing, Antireductionist therapies, coaching programs, Retreats, Redlight therapy & fashion we have redefined the paradigm of fitness for everybody.

Whether you’re looking to build strength, lose weight, improve your performance in a particular sport or simply bring more balance and wellbeing into your life, we can help you achieve your goals and feel your best every day.

Shrewsbury Town in The Community is the official charity of Shrewsbury Town Football Club; we are the Clubs way of giving back.