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Food! Mmmm we’re big foodies here at Wellbeing Festival and we love to enjoy all foods. Here you’ll find a little bit of everything along with advice and ideas on how to enjoy a healthy balanced diet.

We have cookery demonstrations, guest chefs, nutritional experts and plenty of delicious food and drinks for all tastes. Be sure to stop by this section!

Best-selling cookery book author and nutritionist Jenny Tschiesche is a sports fanatic with a passion for food.

She runs nutrition workshops for businesses and sports clubs and is a content creator for several food and nutrition brands.

Jenny also regularly contributes to TV and radio shows including Good Morning Britain and BBC Radio and to national newspapers and magazines.

Self taught chef Marcus Bean whose passion for cooking drove him to win Iron Chef Uk in 2010. Following his success on the show, Marcus has been a regular chef on ITV’s “This Morning” cooking for Holly Willoughby & Phillip Schofield & other presenters on the show. He’s appeared on Good Food Channels “Market Kitchen” Channel 4’s “What’s Cooking” shows on Food Network & ITV’s new children’s cookery show “MunchBox”.

He and his wife run the fabulous Brompton Cookery School and Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast, situated in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. The school offers courses with Marcus and other chefs for all abilities, from Baking through to Foraging, set in a fantastic converted barn with the grounds of Brompton. He also released his first book “Chicken” The New Classics! in 2014.

Ben Turner is a qualified evidence based nutritionist, personal trainer and mountain guide who is dedicated to demystifying your nutrition, helping you start your fitness journey, and push you to do things you never thought possible. Getting a handle of your nutrition can seem like wandering around in the fog, with methods and hacks, fads and gimmicks, all over the internet, Ben will help you see and understand the underlying principles and basics of nutrition, so that you can find what best works for YOU.

Ben runs INDE-Fit Nutrition and adventure consultancy and INDE-Fit Outdoor Fitness across Shropshire and has recently launched a full online coaching academy to being out the healthiest, strongest, and most resilient version of you.

Hey I’m Clare, a Clinical Nutritional Therapist and Wellbeing Health Coach

I’m also a Bikes & Beats Spin instructor & Personal Trainer.

I help people get their health & energy back through nutrition & lifestyle support. I nurture, guide and coach people through their journey to become healthier and happier in their body, their mindset and their life.

I specialise in gut health – it’s our second brain! Everything is linked to the gut – skin, energy, lungs, mental health, stress, illness & wellness.

I’ve been through the mill with my own health & illness, physically and mentally, so I know first hand what life can throw at you and the struggles we face to achieve our goals. I have a range of tools, methods and knowledge to coach people back to health and put the power back in their hands.

You don’t have to suffer in silence, or wade through the mud – I am here to help you feel better again!