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In this sector you will discover opportunities to be inspired and educated in all aspects of wellbeing. Mental health, physical wellness, beauty, support, lifestyle, communities and much more!

National guest speakers, interactive talks, demonstrations, local experts and exhibitors..

Accredited Health and Habit Change Coach supporting women to gain clarity, confidence and control around food, making the path to optimum health pleasurable and empowering her clients to make lifestyle changes that last.

Founder of The Women’s Health Transformation Academy, author, speaker and Mum of two!

At the Wellbeing Festival Laura will be delivering a seminar/talk about wellbeing in the workplace.

An all in one solution created with businesses in mind, to help you reduce the cost and impact of mental, physical and emotional wellbeing issues in your organisation.

A self paced on demand portal of bitesize wellness content that strengthens healthy behaviour in the workplace with tangible results.

Empowering businesses to support employees and start building healthy workplaces immediately.

Ben is a multi-instrumentalist who has played, toured and recorded extensively for the last 30 years. He also worked professionally for over a decade as a sound engineer and producer in both music and TV – for many artists and broadcasters.

Ben provides music tuition in the Shropshire area as ‘Ben Mayho Music’ and as well as working one-to-one with students, he also runs drumming and rhythm group sessions for children and adults. He also puts on special days in schools, providing rhythm and percussion workshops that not only engage the pupils, but cover many curriculum areas for music, history, and diversity.

Ben has worked with wellbeing professionals for many years in his capacity in schools, as well as with adult groups. He brings a wealth of real world knowledge and will engage you with groove!

TV Personality, Nell McAndrew is passionate about health, fitness and running having recently recently featured on the cover of Womens’ Running magazine. Nell has completed the Great North Run 6 times and the London Marathon 7 times.

Her greatest running achievement is her personal best time of 2.54.39 at the London Marathon in 2012. She has currently completed her 105 parkruns and has been a volunteer many times.

Always wanting to give back and make a difference, Nell has, over the years, supported a large range of charities including Breast cancer awareness, Help The Aged, the British Heart Foundation, DebRA, Cancer Research UK, the Lymphoma Association, SSAFA and the Alzheimer’s Association, as well as many more.

Nell will be joining us for the Shrewsbury parkrun then a Q&A session to open the festival.

Founder and Managing Director of techtimeout, and Sales Director of Digital Agency Six Ticks.

Established in 2020, Techtimeout are on a mission to change the way people use technology. They believe technology should enrich our lives but not take over.

Theyre making healthier technology use the norm and helping workplaces promote healthy habits to support the mental health and productivity of their employees.

They’re building a community of certified businesses that prioritise the mental health and wellbeing of their employees.

Michael is the Author of the Best-Selling Book ‘Young Offender’. He has been sober for 14 years and since his release from prison in 2001 he has been on a journey practicing healing and self-development on himself to improve his life and heal the wounds from his own childhood. He went from a child from an underprivileged background, with zero qualifications to being setting up an award winning business in London.

He works with all the tools which he has found to be most beneficial, he brings these tools together to help others reach their full potential and help them to step up and let their own light shine. His core belief is about 100% accountability, giving back, and transforming the lives of others from all walks of life.

Born and raised in South Wales, Mike started a journey into endurance sports after completing his first marathon aged 17. Over the next 20 years, he travelled the world racing, training, coaching and treating athletes from novice to elite level preparing for a multitude of endurance endeavours.

Mike completed a 17-year career as a Royal Air Force Physical Training Instructor and Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor helping military personnel achieve and maintain optimum fitness and also recover from many musculoskeletal conditions.

The pinnacle of his career was a 5-year tour at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Headley Court where he led a team of therapists treating complex trauma injuries suffered in Afghanistan and Iraq. Mike also completed an operational tour where he worked closely with UK personnel including special forces to ensure optimum performance in theatre.

His personal endurance background has been complimented with many roles as therapist and conditioning coach preparing individual and team athletes for swim, run, cycle and triathlon events from grass roots to Olympic level.

Mike founded “The Endurance Physio” in order to use his personal and professional experience to benefit both athletes and therapists working with endurance athletes achieve their goals. His goal is to promote injury reduction, maximal performance and optimum rehabilitation via education and treatment. He has a growing reputation in the sports medicine, rehabilitation and conditioning world.

He has had articles published in national endurance-based magazines and has lectured, presented and treated at numerous national exhibitions, competitions and shows worldwide.

Meet Jo Fallows, a qualified therapist and personal trainer who specialises in ‘Walk and Talk Therapy’. She has combined her passions of hiking and personal therapy to help others overcome their mental health battles.

Focussing on the full circle of a person’s wellbeing, with a combination of physical exercise in the form of walking, and conversational therapy

My name is Alan, I am an ultra runner, running coach, and race director of Running Monk Trail Events. My path to health, wellness and fitness has not been linear. I have had issues with alcohol addiction, mental health, and used drugs for long periods of my adult life. I have had period s of training interspersed with drug and alcohol binges. I have real life experience of many different pathways!

From an early age I was always a decent runner, and enjoyed it, and this love affair with running and fitness is ultimately what helped me get and stay sober, at the age of 38. Since then I’ve been focusing on trying to help others make positive changes in their life, using running as a tool to do that. I’m also a huge advocate for open and honest conversations as to how we feel, and as my clients know, I am always available to talk to, and see a direct link between physical and mental wellbeing.

Smash Life – overcoming life’s hurdles together.

Offering Inspiring talks, mentoring, group work and training to young people and organisations.

Founded by brothers Matt and Andy Smith who are determined to use their personal and professional experiences.

Smash Life will be offering interactive talks in the Kids section at the Wellbeing Festival on the Saturday.

This program is everything Laura + Becs work on individually with their clients, brought together in one unique and powerful space for the woman ready to stand in her power, activate pleasure, and succeed at next levels in her business.

Laura and Becs are delivering a seminar on womens empowerment in the wellbeing hub at the Wellbeing Festival on the Sunday.

Men Walking and Talking is a non judgmental safe space for men to get together and end the stigma around men’s mental health, by supporting each other.

Dan will be part of a panel talk on Saturday and will also be offering some short walk and talks around the festival site all weekend!

Anneka Reece is a Health and Mindset Coach specialising in alcohol free living and manifestation.

Anneke will be giving a talk in the wellbeing marquee on the Saturday at the Wellbeing Festival.

Dan is a trail ultra runner and will be giving a talk on the Sunday at the Wellbeing Festival, about trail running and the benefits for the mind and body.

Angela will be delivering a talk on menopause awareness on the Sunday in the wellbeing marquee.

Laura Hawkins is a qualified registered clinical hypnotherapist, hypno-oncology practitioner and regression therapist. She is experienced in leading guided meditations and hypnosis with both individual clients and women’s groups, and practices meditation/self hypnosis daily herself.

Laura will be giving a talk about the benefits of hypnotherapy for women’s health on Saturday at the festival.