Yoga & Mindfulness Zone

Integrate body & mind

In this sector you will have the opportunity to experience body & mind integration practices to bring you into a state of balance and calm.

Take part in workshops with experienced practitioners in some of the various styles of yoga, along with meditation, sound healing and breathwork.

Cat Merrick runs Breathe Dance & Yoga which she founded in 2016 and is dedicated to guiding women to return to a vibrant, joyful life by tackling negative thought patterns through practices that develop self awareness & healing.

After a decade of teaching dance in education, Cat now focuses on teaching women how to reduce stress and create energy and vibrancy through yoga, breathwork, meditation, dance and her signature class ‘Dance Vibe Flow’.

This class is a fusion of yoga asana and dance which focuses on embodiment, acceptance and connection, finding freedom of the mind and is set to uplifting house music.

Cat holds a BA Hons Dance Degree, 200hr Yoga Diploma from BWY and is currently training to be a Buteyko breathing instructor.

Specialist instructor in Yoga, AcroYoga, Rock Climbing, Slacklining, Calisthenics & Circus Skills.

Obsessed with the physical aspect of movement Damian is passionate about sharing his skills with children and adults alike. With a direct experience of these disciplines laying the most complete and interesting path for both mental and physical aspects of maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle Damian has also turned himself to techniques of natural healing and educated himself in diet and nutrition through the NLP Centre of Excellence.

Jenna uses the practice as a profound evolutionary and healing tool that can be applied to every moment of every day. She has learnt to gracefully value the human condition by taking a close look at the fluctuations of the mind, and how we can live a happy life despite the challenges we all face.

Based between the UK and India Jenna is an Independent teacher who is not your typical Ashtanga teacher. Rather than a strict approach, she uses a loving nurturing but disciplined method of guidance to ensure all students are able to embody the practice in their own anatomy, with great regard to biology and biography of her students.

Sound healing is an energetic healing, which includes Kasey playing Crystal singing bowls to bring the body back to a state of balance and harmony. The frequency and resonance of the Crystal bowls synchronises with our brainwaves, allowing the body to release any stagnant or blocked energy.

Kasey is a sound practitioner, specialising in cleansing the bodies Chakra energy with crystal singing bowls. She uses a combination of guided meditation, bowl playing and intuition to guide clients into a peaceful state, where healing and relaxation can take place. She is based in the West Midlands, offering 1-1 session, events, workshops and group sessions.

Michael is the Author of the Best-Selling Book ‘Young Offender’. He has been sober for 14 years and since his release from prison in 2001 he has been on a journey practicing healing and self-development on himself to improve his life and heal the wounds from his own childhood. He went from a child from an underprivileged background, with zero qualifications to being setting up an award winning business in London.

He works with all the tools which he has found to be most beneficial, he brings these tools together to help others reach their full potential and help them to step up and let their own light shine. His core belief is about 100% accountability, giving back, and transforming the lives of others from all walks of life.

Michael will be running a men’s workshop on Sunday in the Yoga Tipi.

Having explored many different styles of yoga; my intention is to help you find the yoga practice that suits you – and above all to make yoga inclusive and accessible to ALL.

My wandering ‘yogi feet’ have taken me to the USA, Bali and Thailand, gaining qualifications in 7 different styles of yoga, teaching on retreats, co-facilitating teacher trainings and assisting at Key West Yoga Festival.

With a background in dance and a comprehensive awareness of the physical body, I focus heavily on safe alignment and always have a mindful approach to every Body. Providing a gentle, loving space in which you feel safe to explore.

My offerings come from a place of self-exploration; and through continuous practice and studying – I am able to share my knowledge with you.

Cara works with Women to improve their life via compassion, education, empowerment and coaching.

She provides a supportive encouraging non judgmental environment for Women to achieve their goals in fitness.

Katy will be hosting a book nook in a bell tent in the Yoga and Mindfulness zone to promote her business and provide a breakout/quiet space